A few words about Donna Robinson

What is life coaching and why should we partner to help you succeed?

Life Coaching is a unique partnership between you (the client) and the coach, through which you are empowered to make desired changes in your life.

Our partnership will challenge you, strengthen you and create the change in you that you desire. I am confident that we can help identify what you are seeking and, together, help you find it.

Imagine having a person in your life who is dedicated to your success. Unconditionally.

Whether through yoga instruction to strengthen your body and mind, or through Yoga Life Coaching, to create the life you dream about, finding your Place of Power is my priority.

Find Your Passion

Place of Power - Find your passion.Everyone should have passion in their life. Mine include photography, yoga and travel. I hope you have enjoyed some of the photos I've included on this page and throughout the site. They have brought me peace and tranquility. Let's find your passions and create the life you've dreamed of...




Credibility Matters

Not all Yoga Life Coaches are the same. Choose wisely. It's your success.







What makes our partnership so powerful? A combination of insight, training, and experience will help you uncover your potential.

  • Yoga Life Coach
  • Baptiste Associate Yoga Instructor
  • BS Computer Science
  • Executive MBA
  • Business owner and small busines expert

With over 10 years of small business experience and over 18 years of results-oriented experience with multi-national companies, I know how challenging it may be to find inner balance and also seek professional success. I've found that balance and success. Let me show you how.